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International Driving Permit Countries

ITCA Is Most Accepted IDP Globally

ITCA international driving permit is a legal document that recognises motorists as valid licensed drivers in the country you are travelling to. Therefore, this is an extremely valuable and prestigious document since it authorizes motorists to drive in a foreign country. According to the UN Conventions, below are the International permit valid countries list. 

ITCA IDP has been successfully used in 175 countries. ITCA IDP license is the MOST ACCEPTED IDP WORLDWIDE. For international driving permit countries list scroll down.

For Japan/South Korea. Please have a look at the following link, we don't issue an IDP for Japan/South Korea:

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International Driving License Countries

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각 UN 협약에 서명한 국가에서 허용되는 IDP를 발급하는 ITCA 협회(1949년 또는 1968년)

1949 text.PNG
1968 text.PNG

NOTE: You can still apply for your international driving permit if the specific country page is unavailable in our 17 languages pages on the IDP Booklet, the aim from the IDP based on the UN Conventions is to have it translated into several languages, that's it.

NOTE: Please check with the car rental companies before applying IDP for Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea and Taiwan. Due to changes in the policy you might need to verify.